Published: Tue, November 28, 2017
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Dad's heartbreaking gift to daughter

Dad's heartbreaking gift to daughter

A Tennessee woman received a final birthday gift from her father five years after his death.

But before he passed away, the thoughtful father of four from Tennessee arranged for flowers to be sent to Bailey on every birthday until she turned 21 On November 24, Bailey received a attractive purple bouquet, her last from Michael.

Before his passing, Bailey's father prepaid for a bouquet of flowers and a birthday card to be delivered to her for the next five years. She said she dreaded her birthday every year because her father made it so special and she knew it would come to an end with her 21st. Bailey has even appeared on the British breakfast show, Good Morning Britain, live from her native Knoxville, Tennessee, where she talked to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about her late dad's gifts.

She received over a thousand replies with kind words from strangers.


Sellers also shared the note he had written, asking her to no longer shed tears for him because he is in a better place.

US Sanctions, Terror Designation Increase Pressure on North Korea
North Korea joins Iran, Sudan, and Syria - the only countries designated by the state sponsors of terrorism . Lately there has been some increased rhetoric regarding the continued situation in North Korea.

The note from her father said, "This is my last love letter to you until we meet again".

"When I opened this card, I especially felt him with me". "I will still be with you through every milestone, just look around and there I will be". "Miss you so much daddy".

He also told her to always respect her mother and stay true to herself. Be happy and happy live to the fullest. He closes his heartfelt note by telling his daughter that he loves her and wishes her a happy birthday.

And if his daughter ever anxious that this might be her dad's final goodbye, he assures her, "I'll still be with you through every milestone". This year marked the last year that those flowers would arrive.

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Unconfirmed reports on social media indicated that people were running away from the scene and locking themselves in shops. Oxford Circus station in London has been evacuated because of an "incident", police said. "Avoid area if possible".

"I used to dread my birthday every year because of it".

He wanted to remind his daughter that he was thinking of her.

"He would be so proud that he did this", she said.

Attack on Egyptian mosque leaves over 50 dead
The jihadists have also attacked local tribes and their militias, branding them traitors for working with the army and police. He affirmed his confidence that Egypt is capable of winning the war against terrorism and eradicating it, a spokesman said.

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