Published: Sun, November 26, 2017
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LED-technology increases light pollution across the night sky

LED-technology increases light pollution across the night sky

"I am concerned about the fact that we now have scientific evidence that the light at night and especially the white light [that contains blue by definition], is linked with many health issues like breast and prostate cancers and sleep disorders", Martin Aubé, who studies light pollution at Quebec's University of Sherbrooke and was not involved in the study, told CBC News.

The data came from a Nasa satellite radiometer - a device specially created to measure the brightness of night-time light.

People also need to question their assumptions, for instance, that night-time lights make the world safer. He and some colleagues knew that a satellite launched in 2011 had a new instrument, one that gives scientists a more reliable way to measure how much brighter the world is getting.

Global light pollution
Earth’s city lights. The brightest areas of the world are the most urbanized but not necessarily the most populated

Suburban sprawl in the United States and other developed countries is gobbling up once dark, quiet expanses of land, while explosive growth in China has been producing entirely new cities in what was once empty countryside.

The thinking of the global group of researchers, led by Luis Guanter of GFZ, the German Research Centre for Geosciences, in Potsdam, is that although LED lights are more efficient requiring far less electricity to provide the same amount of light, people tend to install more and more lights in a behavior called the "rebound effect". "We'll light something that we didn't light before, like a bicycle path though a park or a section of highway leading outside of town that in the past wasn't lit", said physicist and lead author Chris Kyba.

"There is a potential for this lighting revolution to save energy and reduce light pollution - but only if we don't spend the savings on new light", he added.

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Asia, Africa and South America, for the most part, saw a surge in artificial night lighting.

As the Day-Night-Band sensor onboard the Suomi NPP weather satellite used to collect this data can not see the bluer wavelengths emitted by many LEDs, the planet is likely to be even brighter at night than results suggest. But the researchers found that "as light gets cheaper, we use more of it, almost proportionately to the rate at which it's getting cheaper", Kyba says. There is an overall increase in the total amount of light even if many cities are switching to LEDs and are going dark.

Light pollution has also disrupted the nesting habits and important sea-finding habits of turtles.

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That's because many well-lit cities have been replacing yellow-orange sodium lights with energy-saving LED lights. "The problem is that light has been introduced in places, times and intensities at which it does not naturally occur, and many organisms have had no chance to adapt to this new stressor". "And you see things like the bridge in Montreal", Kyba said. "It doesn't cost that much". And forget about seeing stars or the Milky Way, if the trend continues.

"We're losing more and more of the night on a planetary scale", journal editor Kip Hodges was quoted while talking about their findings.

But both Kyba and Barentine wonder if there's a better way to discourage lighting overuse. There also are ways to position and manage existing light sources - say, the lamps in a parking lot - so that they are not as bright but still are effective. He said a lot of municipal street lights were replaced due to the Recovery Act, which gave a substantial amount of money to subsidize the transition to blue LEDs.

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