Published: Sat, November 25, 2017
Money | By Michele Stevens

Shoppers offer Black Friday strategies

Shoppers offer Black Friday strategies

When it comes to Black Friday shopping, Gina Detlor and Sarah Benson are purists.

"It's a tradition. We come here every year", she said, adding that she'd eaten turkey at noon.

"Everybody likes Black Friday".

Hot stuff In recognition of the cool fall temperatures- they were around 65 degrees despite the sunshine- these shoppers swaddled up in blankets and brought a heater

In one store, shoppers stood shoulder-to-shoulder, with credit or debit cards in hand, waiting for the 6 p.m. announcement that they could rip open boxes and grab the item they had been waiting on. When the doors opened, only a dozen or so people were allowed in at once to reduce the congestion at the front of the store.

They were among the dozens who flooded into Target for the morning.

Becky Wade was first in line. She said they like the festive atmosphere and make a game of finding the goofiest sweaters.

Top Iraq court rules Kurdish referendum unconstitutional
The federal court is responsible for settling disputes between Iraq's central government and the country's regions and provinces. On Monday, Mr Barzani held talks with the British ambassador to Iraq Jon Wilks in Erbil.

"I really haven't had anything insane happen to me", she said.

"There's a few more people than normal but I wouldn't call this crowded at all", Deloitte auditor Eugenia Liew said as she shopped at discount retailer Target.

"We have a bit of momentum and we had a good kickoff online", Foran told The Associated Press, "and with a bit of luck we are going to have a good 24 hours and be ship-shape for the weekend, and go from here to the 25th of December".

Arab League delivers harsh criticism of Iran, little action
President Michel Aoun, has refused to accept Hariri's resignation and accused Saudi Arabia of holding him against his will. Security Council of Iran's purported supply of arms to rebels fighting the internationally recognized government there.

Ultimately, she said she has heard rumblings about customers flocking to online shopping and dismissing the Thanksgiving Day openings, but the rush of customers speaks for itself.

"We got here before 6, and there weren't any lines", said Kelly Beasley, who has been shopping on Black Friday for years. "I expected a lot more people".

"The Consumer Rights Act, which is the law that covers this activity, clearly says that it doesn't matter if you buy something in the sales, your rights are the same", said Dean Dunham from Retail ADR, a non-profit organisation offering advice about retail disputes, on its website.

You Can Now Send PayPal Invoices Via Facebook Messenger
Messaging, according to Facebook , has come a long way, and gone past just sending text-people now request for more. Of course, high resolution photos in today's world is a new technology-and I am talking about chat apps.

Friday is only the beginning of the shopping season, though. On Thanksgiving Day, people spent $2.9 billion online, according to Adobe Analytics.

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