Published: Thu, November 23, 2017
Industry | By Johnnie Johnson

Tencent Gains Exclusive PUBG Operating Rights In China, Vows To Demolish Cheaters

Tencent Gains Exclusive PUBG Operating Rights In China, Vows To Demolish Cheaters

The rub is, it'll have some pretty significant changes given the country's strict state-mandated censorship.

Chinese investment company Tencent has partnered up with developer PUBG Corporation's parent company Bluehole Inc to officially release PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in China, we've learned via a translated press release from Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad.

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The move to bring one of PC gaming's biggest titles over to Steam's largest market was initially brought into question by China Audio-Video and Digital Publishing Association, in which the content watchdog criticised PUBG for deviating "from the values of socialism and is deemed harmful to young consumers". Many of these players have been coming for China, a country that represents roughly half of the game's population but still has players enter games in non-Asian servers such as EU, NA and OCE.

South Korea's PUBG Corp, nee Bluehole, says that the partnership with China's Tencent will improve the game's back-end infrastructure, enable work on anti-cheat software and "create a fair and sustainable ecosystem" by partnering with live-streaming platforms and internet cafes.

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"Tencent will localize and operate the game by catering to the preferences of Chinese gamers".

"PUBG is now the most popular survival shooter game and is enjoyed by users all over the world", Tencent senior vice president Steven Ma said. The Tencent published Honour of Kings was a massive success, but introduced a curfew for underage players.

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