Published: Sun, December 31, 2017
Money | By Michele Stevens

Instagram users to now see 'recommended posts' in home feed

Instagram users to now see 'recommended posts' in home feed

Until now, Instagram showed you recommended posts based on the posts you like as well as the accounts you follow.

As expected, users haven't taken the injection of "recommended posts" positively. The people behind Instagram are taking the time to ensure that the "Recommended for You" section will contain posts that are actually relevant to user's interests.

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It's seems to be like a combination of the "Following" section and the "Search and Explore" section, both of which are methods of finding photos and videos from accounts you don't follow. However, things have changed and Instagram users will now be viewing the content directly on their homepages. You will see "Recommended For You" on certain posts which will be populated based on posts liked by the accounts that you follow.

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With the new "Recommended for You" feature, these posts will appear directly in the normal feed.

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For now, the recommended posts will appear after you've gone through the posts in your main feed from people you do follow. This feature is not much dissimilar from the "suggested posts" section of Facebook. The company hopes the tweak will help to drive engagement with the Instagram app, which of course would then allow it to charge top dollar to advertisers aiming to sell their products to as many users as possible. "With a single tap of the Direct icon, you can send your own live video - or a live video you're watching - to a friend or a group of friends to encourage them to join in the fun", said Instagram in a blog post.

Dear @instagram please put everything back in chronological order and stop doing the recommended posts.

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