Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
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Singapore Airlines Changes Flight Routes Over N.Korean Missiles

Singapore Airlines Changes Flight Routes Over N.Korean Missiles

According to the Committee of chiefs of staffs of armed forces of South Korea, the missile launched from the landfill in the North Korean city of Pinson in the province's toll.

Singapore Airlines has reportedly changed the route its planes fly between Asia and the United States because it feared its fleet would be struck by a North Korean missile.

It hadn't previously announced the changes before this week. However, South Korea says that the North Korean government regularly fails to issue these notices when conducting missile launches.

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Two other Asian airlines, Cathay Pacific and Korean Air, reported that their pilots saw the November 29 missile test from the cockpit, however neither airline will change their "routes or operating parameters" at this time. "We remain alert and [will] review the situation as it evolves".

Airlines are already largely avoiding airspace controlled by North Korea in the Pyongyang flight information region, one of the sources said. The flights, one from San Francisco and the other from Los Angeles, were both headed for Incheon, the main airport serving Seoul, South Korea. The most recent incident was when the crew of Cathay Pacific and Korean Air spotted the Hwasong 15 missile launched last week by North Korea.

European airlines Lufthansa and Air France-KLM shifted their paths in August after two North Korean test launches in July.

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Travelers who are concerned should know the chances of an airplane colliding with a missile are extremely low: One safety analyst estimates that it is less than a billion to one.

"The problem is if the test goes awry in any way, and debris starts falling in.more heavily trafficked areas", he said in an email.

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