Published: Fri, January 05, 2018
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Alexa will soon be able to control ovens and microwaves

Alexa will soon be able to control ovens and microwaves

Customers can already use Alexa to control the June Oven with their voice.

Devices from Amazon and Google are the clear leaders in the smart speaker category with their respective Echo and Home products. According to the online retail giant, the company will be introducing "cooking capabilities" to Alexa's Smart Home Skill API.

Voice-controlled devices continue to grow more impressive by the week, and in the latest development, today Amazon announced that its Alexa voice assistant service will soon be able to help out in the kitchen.

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Over on its developer blog, Amazon has revealed that an update to its Home Skill API will allow appliance manufacturers to add Alexa support to cloud-connected microwave ovens, which apparently exist.

"Customers have now connected tens of millions of smart home devices to Alexa, including cameras, door locks, lights, entertainment systems, and thermostats. Cooking capabilities will also be available in other countries soon", Amazon has stated. Up until now companies had to create custom skills for Alexa to command their appliances.

Whirlpool is the first company to create an Alexa skill for its connected microwaves, and Amazon said it'll be launching "soon" in the U.S., so we wouldn't be surprised if the first AI-controlled microwaves made an appearance at CES next week.

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"Customers can ask Alexa to set microwave cook times, modes, power levels, and more instead of using the traditional and often confusing microwave experience", Mass wrote.

Specifically, when you need to have something heated in the microwave or oven in the future, you could simply say, "Alexa, heat this on high for one minute".

The catch, as you might imagine, is that your ovens and microwaves need to support this feature, and nearly all "smart" versions now don't.

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We've seen Alexa integration make its way to a number of smart devices already.

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