Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Tom Hardy in 'Venom'

Tom Hardy in 'Venom'

As far as first looks go, there is no way that a studio would ever make a huge reveal outright. The movie's remarkably secretive production process has had fans wondering when they'd get their first official look at Eddie Brock's live-action adventure.

Well, it is technically Tom Hardy in Venom.

Could Venom draw story cues from The Five Symbiotes?

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As a quick refresher on the nature of Venom, the character is known as a "symbiote", an alien organism that basically attaches to a human host and manifests as the icky Spider-Man-like creature we all know. Check it out below. Thus, Sony is moving forward with its plans for a spin-off - Venom, about the web-slinging hero's arch-nemesis. So is there anything in that notebook worth looking at?

Holding up a notebook, fans get to see a few lines of seemingly important text, and while the scribbles are a bit hard to read, it seems likeScreen Rant'sbeen able to decipher what's written in the notebook. But the two did team up from time to time.

One thing's for sure, though, this film seems to be something truly special. I guess director Ruben Fleischer has that figured out. The image itself, however, gives us a huge indication of just how much it will be taking from the David Michelinie comic, thanks to the notes on Eddie's notepad.

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Check out the first Venom movie image below, via IGN. The second would focus on Planet of the Symbiotes, where the planet is invested with living slimy creates like Venom suit. You can check out the Venom Brazil Comic-Con Experience video below!

Said the director: "We want to be as true as possible to the comic with our film".

Venom is set to hit theaters on October 5, 2018.

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