Published: Mon, January 08, 2018
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USA faces criticism at Security Council meeting on Iran protests

USA faces criticism at Security Council meeting on Iran protests

Khoshroo added that Iran expects all states to condemn such unsafe statements and policies and urge the US government to act responsibly and adhere to the UN Charter and global law.

Russian Federation portrayed the Security Council meeting as a USA attempt to violate Iran's sovereignty.

"I think they should be called out and condemned". If the founding principles of this institution mean anything, we will not only hear their cry, we will finally answer it.

The Iranian regime is finding out the hard way that it's dealing with a much different kind of USA administration.

At least 21 people have been killed amid the anti-government protests and unrest over the country's economic woes - demonstrations Iran has accused the US of stirring up.

"The U.S. will probably limit its involvement mainly to moral support for the protestors", David Pollock, a senior fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Xinhua.

Every UN member state is sovereign, but member states can not use sovereignty as a shield when they categorically deny their people human rights and fundamental freedoms, Haley said. Moreover, with President Trump imposing a travel ban on Iranians and calling Iran a terrorist nation, his statement about respecting the right of Iranians "to express themselves" is just some pretty words.

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Iran's interior minister said up to 42,000 people took part during the week of protests.

"And that's the danger here, that if you then come out on one side against the other and say "one side is bad, the other side is 100% good" it's never perhaps as black and white as that as we have found in other Middle Eastern crises".

"The Iranian people are rising up in over 79 locations throughout the country", Haley told the council.

The Iranian regime's contempt of the rights of its people had been widely documented, she said.

In October President Trump has condemned Iran as a "fanatical regime" and refused to continue signing off on the landmark worldwide nuclear deal with the Islamic Republic.

This is a mistake by the Security Council, he said.

"It's another attempt [at bullying] by the US, which has lost authority and credibility in the eyes of the whole world", said Khoshroo.

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"We warn the U.S. against attempts to interfere in the internal affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran", Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told the state news agency Tass on Thursday.

Khoshoroo alleged that the USA has a long history of intervening in the internal affairs of Iran, including a continuous pattern of disruption in the democratisation process in Iran.

"It is right and proper - indeed, our assess whether a situation like this could become a threat to global peace and security", British Ambassador Matthew Rycroft said before the meeting.

"The Security Council is perfectly empowered through Article 34 of the UN Charter, and I quote, to investigate any dispute or any situation which might lead to global friction or give rise to a dispute in order to determine whether the continuance of the dispute or situation is likely to endanger the maintenance of worldwide peace and security", he said.

Russia, a close ally of Iran's, agreed. "Let Iran deal with its own problems".

The UNSC is due to hold an emergency meeting on the issue later on Friday, but it's unclear if the meeting will go forward or be blocked by a procedural vote from other council members. History is full of attempts to replace undesirable regimes, but people preferred not to remember that.

Observing that the Council's primary responsibility is maintaining global peace and security, Wu Haito of China said that it should not be the venue for discussing the human rights situation of any country. Moscow's Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said that Washington had used the situation to hamper the nuclear agreement with Tehran.

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