Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
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USA warns citizens against travelling to Pakistan

USA warns citizens against travelling to Pakistan

New Straits Times reported that the US' improved version of the four-level travel advisory programme based its ranking on the security situation in each country.

Under the new rankings, level 1, the lowest advisory, signals a need to "exercise normal precautions" in places where there is no more than the usual risk involved in global travel.

"Exercise increased caution in India due to crime and terrorism".

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Armenia has been included in Level 1, the lowest advisory level for safety and security risk.

Ranking Pakistan on Level 3, the State Department asked Americans to reconsider travel to this country due to terrorism.

Rwanda is the only East African country given a level-one rating, under which United States citizens are advised to "exercise normal precautions". "In the past, there have been large-scale terrorist attacks resulting in hundreds of casualties", highlighted the federal executive department.

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"Terrorists have targeted USA diplomats and diplomatic facilities in the past, and evidence suggests they continue to do so", says the State Department.

Additionally, several Mexican states were rated Tier 3, meaning Americans should "reconsider travel" to the areas. They have the highest advisory level due to the greater likelihood of life-threatening risks. "Incidents of violence by ethnic insurgent groups, including bombings of buses, trains, rail lines, and markets, occur occasionally in the northeast", the India travel advisory reads. At this level, the USA government may have "very limited ability to provide assistance" to travelers. She noted that even some of her colleagues had difficulty understanding the difference between "travel alerts" and "travel warnings" under the previous system. Those risks are spelled out with icons - C for crime, T for terrorism, U for civil unrest, H for health issues, N for natural disasters, E for time-limited events such as elections or major sporting events, and O for other.

Somalia and South Sudan are among 11 countries worldwide placed in the level-four category which is headed "Do Not Travel".

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United States citizens are advised not to travel to the eastern DRC and Kasai provinces under the new system, which sometimes has separate, higher tier rankings for particular regions within a country. Antarctica is also a level 2, for "environmental hazards posed by extreme and unpredictable weather", according to the State Department.

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