Published: Mon, February 12, 2018
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White House Aides Try and Fail to Fix Trump's Rob Porter Problem

White House Aides Try and Fail to Fix Trump's Rob Porter Problem

As questions continued to swirl over how the two officials were permitted to join the White House staff, Trump has appeared to side with the accused men.

President Donald Trump on Saturday seemed to frame the downfall of a pivotal aide accused of abusing his wives as character assassination, adding to the tumult that has engulfed the White House, splintered the staff and imperiled chief of staff John Kelly's hold on his position.

That stands in contrast to a Trump tweet the day before in which he lamented that people's lives were being ruined by "a mere allegation". The president - who has also been buffeted by claims of sexual misconduct - asked: "Is there no such thing as due process?"

President Trump tweeted about "due process" yesterday, February 10, in the wake of resignations from two White House aides over domestic abuse allegations - and several people have criticized his words.

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Martin said victims of domestic violence and abuse often hesitate to come forward or to leave their relationships, no matter how toxic, because they worry nobody will believe their accounts, particularly when the balance of power between the abuser and the victim is uneven.

The latest imbroglios involving White House personnel are taking place during a turbulent cultural conversation about sexual harassment, with powerful people being laid low by allegations that sometimes stretch back decades.

Mr Trump generously praised Mr Porter, telling reporters on Friday: "He did a very good job when he was in the White House, and we wish him well". "We immediately confronted the staffer, he denied the allegations and he resigned today", Shah said. Public pressure is one thing, but the White House has often proven itself to be impervious to it, through any number of highly controversial episodes that might have torn apart a previous administration.

Porter's first wife said he kicked her and posted an image of herself with a black eye, which she says she received from Porter punching her.

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The president has also supported others who have faced abuse allegations, including Alabama Republican Roy Moore, who ran unsuccessfully for the US Senate. In Kelly's and White House press secretary Sarah Sanders' initial statements, they went far beyond saying these were mere allegations and that there needed to be an investigation. Kelly was aware of the allegations well before they were publicly disclosed. Those possible replacements include Mick Mulvaney, the budget director; Rep. Kevin McCarthy of California; and Gary D. Cohn, Trump's top economic adviser.

The infighting unfolded amid signs of a brewing shake-up in the West Wing.

More importantly, though, the fact that this leaked out so quickly suggests Kelly has lost the confidence of his staff. Trump's staff secretary called the allegations from his former spouses "outrageous" and "simply false".

The US administration's reluctance to give credence to the alleged victims of gender violence puts it at odds with the tenets of the #metoo movement now sweeping through Western societies.

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