Published: Mon, March 05, 2018
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Central Michigan University officers had multiple run ins with shooting suspect

Central Michigan University officers had multiple run ins with shooting suspect

Cruz used a semi-automatic assault rifle in his attack, leading students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School to make public appeals for change to permissive USA gun laws.

But the powerful National Rifle Association gun lobby said that Trump was opposed to gun control after meeting with him on Thursday.

Davis Jr. has been charged with two counts of murder and a weapons charge in the shootings of his father, Eric Davis Sr., and mother, Diva Davis, university spokeswoman Heather Smith said.

Central Michigan University police announced Saturday the gun Davis Jr. used was registered to his father, who was a police officer. He also would not say whether drugs had been found in Davis Jr.'s system.

48, and Diva Davis, 47. But he did say that it would have been a violation of campus policy for Davis bring a gun on campus because only law enforcement on active duty or those with special permission can do so.

He brought it back to the room and allegedly shot his parents, police said.

The Davis family is from Plainfield, Illinois.

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The student was treated by the EMS at the school. "We had officers inside the building quickly", Frazier said. Davidson shot at an external window and did not appear to intend to hurt anyone, authorities noted.

Central Michigan University is a four-year, public institution with more than 23,000 students enrolled, according to the college's website.

Authorities said the shooting happened as students were leaving for spring break, so it's unknown if someone missed Davis Jr. entering the dorm building with the gun because students were busy moving off campus for the week.

Authorities said Davis Jr. was seen on video coming from the parking lot to his dorm with a gun that was registered to his father.

We are starting to learn more information about the victims. He described Davis an "outstanding officer" who was "loved by all here at the Village of Bellwood" and his wife as a "wonderful woman".

"Mr. Davis was not ever reported, and we had no interaction that we're aware of with him in any negative fashion - with anybody - prior to this incident", he said.

"I'm still in shock over everything but I'm glad that he's okay", said Brandon Lea, a former classmate.

Davis eventually talked about riding in a dorm elevator with a person who had a gun, and police went to talk to the individual Davis had identified.

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A spokesman for Schaaf on Monday said the calls and social media messages were largely from out of state and called for her to be removed from office.

Yeagley said Davis Jr. appeared to be hypothermic and was not making sense, so police transported him to an area hospital.

Klaus said Davis was seen wearing a dark hoodie following the shooting. He wasn't making sense when he spoke to the officer and he said he just had a feeling that someone was after him.

Those who knew the accused killer say they could not imagine him perpetrating this unthinkable crime.

An officer was so concerned about Davis Jr.'s erratic behaviour that he had spoken to his mother about possible drug use before the parents arrived on campus.

"We're an wonderful example of how in adverse times, we can take care of each other", she said.

The identities of the two MI victims, as well as details on whether the suspect was a student and the type of weapon used, were not immediately released. Yeagley said Davis, Jr. informed them he would be going home in the morning.

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