Published: Tue, March 20, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Democrat Conor Lamb won Pa. 18 special election because he's 'like Trump'

Democrat Conor Lamb won Pa. 18 special election because he's 'like Trump'

While he took a few questions on the race, Ryan appeared to grow exhausted of talking about Pennsylvania.

County officials are expected to begin counting provisional paper ballots late this week, and military ballots next week, officials said.

Sabato said a Democratic victory in the so-called "Trump country" of western Pennsylvania, an area he won by almost 20 points in 2016, is a major sign of danger for Republicans.

On the always incendiary issue of abortion in the pro-choice party, Lamb, a Catholic, calls himself "personally opposed to abortion" but also promises to uphold the Supreme Court and Constitution. But Lamb also put the question away by declaring that, if he were elected, he would not vote for her as leader.

Here are three things we learned - or had confirmed - from what seems like a victory for Democratic newcomer Conor Lamb in Western Pennsylvania: Bad candidates still lose elections; every vote really, really does count; and Republicans should be very anxious about November.

Lamb basically ran as a Republican.

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A source familiar with the situation tells CBS News' Rebecca Kaplan that all four counties have complied with a request to impound their voting machines and ballots so they can be reviewed.

The campaign is also challenging Allegheny County officials over the initial exclusion of one of its attorneys from the vote count, according to a letter to the county from Kathleen Gallagher, the attorney representing the campaign.

Meanwhile, the NRCC plans to launch a digital push to solicit reports from voters of irregularities they witnessed or difficulties they had in casting ballots, Gorman said.

"He said, oh, I'm like Trump".

House Republicans are deflecting the stinging results in Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District, discounting Conor Lamb's strong performance as an aberration and not a bellwether heading into this fall's congressional midterms.

It was the closest congressional race in SC in 20 years.

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Democrat Conor Lamb's slim lead in a Pennsylvania House district that President Donald Trump carried by 20 percentage points in 2016 holds some important lessons for both parties as they look toward November. But this centrist, anti-Pelosi strategy has now worked for a party other than the Republican one, and there are many Democrats who wonder if that's a victor in their district, too. "Vote for Rick Saccone and keep it going!"

Jones pledged to work with Trump to best serve Alabamans, telling NBC News in December, "If the president has things on his agenda that I think are good for the people of Alabama, then I'm absolutely going to work there with him". "Just tell people what you have in your heart and in your plan for them".

Most of the party's members, however, spent yesterday putting a positive spin on the race - evidencing either a deep denial of the growing signs of Democratic momentum heading into the midterms, or a lack of a plan to do anything about it.

Many predicted a fairly comfortable win for Lamb, but Trump's visit helped, just not enough.

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania held a special election for a congressional seat that was vacated after the Republican in office resigned due to revelations related to an extramarital affair. It was his first time commenting on the race, seen as yet another blow to the Republican's control of the House.

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