Published: Fri, March 30, 2018
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Facebook Introduces New Privacy Features

Facebook Introduces New Privacy Features

The company faces heavy criticism - including from lawmakers in the USA and United Kingdom - for allowing the Trump campaign-linked data firm Cambridge Analytica to get and hold data on some 50 million Facebook users.

"This doesn't change any of the data that Facebook's actually collecting", said Kurt Wagner, senior editor at Recode.

Facebook said on Wednesday that it will overhaul its privacy settings tools to put users "more in control" of their information on the social media website. Facebook said these settings used to be "spread across almost 20 different screens".

"Facebook is the face of a larger problem - the problem of big data and privacy - and it's so large and nebulous and intractable that we have no real way to understand it, and so we wait until one of these whistleblowers come along, and that will be keep happening".

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Facebook's data handling practices are coming under new scrutiny amid reports that users are discovering videos they recorded on the platform but never posted to the site. They enable advertisers to use the Facebook ad platform to go after customers based on offline behavioral or demographic details like, says Facebook on a page advertising the program, whether a user is a "homeowner, shampoo buyer, or likely investor".

The company says it is also making it easier to download your personal data from Facebook.

There's a new Privacy shortcuts menu that allows you to control your data with a single tap.

And this has uncovered another area of controversy: Some Android users were shocked to discover that Facebook had far more detailed information about them than they knew, including phone call and text message data.

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In response to multiple inquiries from lawmakers and pushback from some users, Facebook said in a March 28 blog post that it's changing the settings screen to make it easier for users to gain control of their information or delete their data. Users can turn on additional security measures like two-factor authentication, manage information used for Facebook ads and adjust who sees posts and information on profiles.

In the coming weeks, Facebook will propose updates to its terms of service that will "include our commitments to people", and update its data policy to clarify what data it collects and how it uses it. House Energy and Commerce Committee spokeswoman Elena Hernandez said: "The committee is continuing to work with Facebook to determine a day for Mr Zuckerberg to testify".

The new controls also better spell out what data the company collects and how it's used.

And in a U.K. Parliament hearing, the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower reignited fears of Facebook recording conversations without user consent.

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