Published: Sat, March 10, 2018
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How to minimize the effect of Daylight Saving Time Sunday morning

How to minimize the effect of Daylight Saving Time Sunday morning

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 35 percent of USA drivers sleep less than the recommended minimum of seven hours daily.

On Saturday, all the locations in the US that use daylight saving time will spring forward at 2 a.m. Saturday night/Sunday morning, jumping from 2 a.m. until 3 a.m., essentially killing an hour of time.

Happy (almost) Spring, Montreal, see you on the other side! To squelch Daylight Saving Time would limit the hours he could ride his motorcycle in the summer.

There are two states in America that don't follow daylight savings time.

Benjamin Franklin originated the concept of daylight saving time as a way to save candle wax.

It's time to spring ahead!

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Here are more tips from Hale, the National Sleep Foundation and Dr. Jeffrey Barasch, medical director of the Valley Hospital Center for Sleep Medicine in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

DST was adopted as an emergency measure during the 20th century's two world wars as a way to give defense-plant workers an extra hour of sunshine at the end of their dayshift.

Daylight Saving Time's true impact goes beyond losing an hour of sleep, Goldstein says. As you can imagine, it didn't work out that way. It makes sense then to consider how the shift to daylight saving time influences workers in white-collar settings.

Many Canadians either love or hate this ritual, and in Saskatchewan, the central prairie province, they just ignore it, remaining on central standard time year round.

This month marks 100 years since daylight saving time was first used in the United States, in March 1918. Given that much of this search activity was conducted at work, we concluded that workers are misusing their internet access when they should be working - a behavior called cyberloafing.

Some studies show the clock change can raise the rate of accidents by sleep-deprived drivers and have some adverse health effects. Daylight Saving Time begins today.

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A 2008 US Department of Energy study reported that daylight saving time reduces annual energy use by only about 0.03%. The next day we presented them with scenarios that contained varying levels of moral content.

"We have a number of tourism-related businesses that really believe that having that extra hour at the back end of the day just means people can get out into the community more". But what about the spring and fall transition seasons when the days aren't quite as long? I don't want to be late to church. In fact, there are compelling debates about the pros and cons of DST taking place throughout our nation with considerations of doing away with it.

No matter your sentiment toward daylight saving time, accumulating evidence reveals that the costs of shifting to daylight saving time cut across society.

For the most part, the general public seems to appreciate it.

People living in Arizona, Hawaii and the USA territories get along just fine without submitting to the bullying of "springing forward" and "falling back".

Here's a full Congressional Research Service report on the history of Daylight Saving Time and the surprising number of times the USA government has considered the matter.

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