Published: Mon, March 05, 2018
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Senate to debate bill to take guns from convicted domestic abusers

Senate to debate bill to take guns from convicted domestic abusers

The Florida Senate spent hours debating a bill to increase school safety and restrict gun purchases in a rare Saturday session, March 3, that often turned into a debate on gun control and arming teachers in the aftermath of last month's Parkland school shootings.

"Our founding fathers weren't talking about hunting, and they weren't talking about protecting themselves from the thief down the street who might break in", said Republican Sen.

Reaction was swift. Stoneman Douglas student Jackie Corin, who organized 100 of her fellow students to come to Tallahassee earlier in the week, tweeted: "The Florida Senate has rejected the ban of AR-15s, the weapon of choice used at my school to kill 17 souls".

Republicans have also rebuffed other Democratic amendments to completely ban assault weapons; allow for a registry of semiautomatic weapons; and to remove a program allowing trained teachers to carry firearms in the classroom. Scott is opposed to arming teachers.

India, Vietnam lay stress on defence ties
India-Vietnam relations, he said , are not only important for the two countries but also for the peace and security of the region. Modi was speaking at a joint statement with Vietnamese President Tran Dai Quang following delegation level talks in New Delhi .

Require trigger locks and lockboxes for firearms.

The annual 60-day session ends Friday, and the Legislature wants to pass a bill responding to the rampage that left 17 people dead at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

"The substance of our bill is still the same", Galvano said. The $400 million package includes $18.3 million for mobile crisis teams working with the Department of Children and Families and the schools; $500,000 for mental health first aid training; and $69 million for mental health assistance to school districts. President Trump has said he wants stronger background checks, gun access restriction for the mentally ill and the ability to arm teachers.

"They are created to kill.?.?. modified for civilian use and then sold to the public with billions of dollars of profit", he said.

BJP, Cong reach 'kingmaker' UDP HQ at same time for Meghalaya support
Chief Minister Mukul Sangma has strengthened his hold on the Congress during his almost eight years in office. With development being the plank of the NPP , the party leaders feel that they could have done better.

After it appeared the two-year moratorium on the sale, delivery and transfer of AR-15-style rifles had passed by a voice vote, minutes later, that motion was reconsidered, and ultimately reversed by a roll call vote, with 17 votes in favor of the amendment and 21 against it. "Never again. Please ban assault weapons".

Lee became the most vocal critic of the plan, trying and failing to remove both the gun control elements and the plan to arm school personnel calling them "a bumper sticker for November".

"I'm going to fight for a voluntary program", said Galvano.

Dropbox announces integrations with Google's Hangouts, Gmail and Drive apps
And the Hangouts Chat integration will facilitate searching for, and sharing, Dropbox files within a hangout. Dropbox announced a new partnership with Google , integrating its own service with the one of Google Cloud .

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