Published: Sun, April 29, 2018
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Apple Is Done With 3D Touch, Says Trusted Analyst

Apple Is Done With 3D Touch, Says Trusted Analyst

According to the analyst's memo, as seen by Feng, Apple plans to move the iPhone's touch module will also be moved from the display panel to the surface glass, and it will add a "thin-film sensor", whatever that means. Kuo believes Apple will then drop the 3D Touch functionality so the company doesn't have to increase the cost of the phone.

The iPhone 6s debuted one of the most revolutionary technologies that became key to an iPhone's appeal - 3D Touch.

Apple is expected to unleash three new iPhone models in the fall, two high-end models with OLED displays, and one 6.1-inch iPhone with an LCD display. Instead, it seems Apple are focusing on creating a stronger display glass designed to be more impact resistant as well as lighter and thinner. It remains uncertain why the new layer is needed, but it will increase the cost of the touch panel by 15 percent, or somewhere between $23 and $26.

Mattis says Iran nuclear deal includes 'robust' verification
Rathke noted that one line in particular from Macron - "Let us face it, there is no planet B" - got bipartisan applause. The speech - delivered in English - was interrupted by frequent standing ovations, many from both sides of the aisle.

The 3D feature is equally liked and hated.

Ever trusty Apple future-gazer KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo, has revealed details about the iPhone tough screen which will use Cover Glass Sensor (CGS) tech.

Apple recently filed to register 11 separate iPhone models and tech commentators suggest it's likely that several model numbers will be attached to each iPhone, rather than each being for an individual release. The 6.1 inch LCD iPhone model is rumored to cost between $550 - $650 only.

Amber Rudd faces pressure to resign over immigration scandal
On Wednesday Ms Rudd denied targets were used, when she faced MPs investigating the problems faced by the Windrush generation. The report said the target was "not a useful performance measure" due to the varying nature of cases year to year.

Apple's upcoming entry-level 6.1-inch iPhone has been in the news for quite a time now.

The expulsion of 3D Touch doesn't appear to be excessively fantastical given it's very polarizing - a few clients think that its valuable, while others think that its pointless. It most probably may not be that the rivals of Apple were not capable of copying the 3D Touch, but they may have simply understood that the technology is particularly not useful.

Saudi-led strike 'kills dozens' of Yemen rebels
Saudi state-run tv provided the report early Saturday, saying greater than 50 have been killed. The Huthis confirmed an air strike on Sana'a but gave no details.

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