Published: Fri, April 27, 2018
Industry | By Johnnie Johnson

Fortnite Season 4 announced, possible superhero theme inbound

Fortnite Season 4 announced, possible superhero theme inbound

People have assumed that meteor from the sky might hit the tilted towers but no one knows what's happening until today because you might be near to know what's going on as the Official Twitter account for Fortnite has posted a picture which consists of a llama with different bright colors and no description at all.

In October 2017 Epic Games began a series of lawsuits against two prolific cheaters in Fortnite. The Game was interrupted today with a odd broadcast message showing a Llama over a pattern that's usually shown when a service gets interrupted.

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If you look closely, you'll notice that you can see the face of a superhero-like character smiling back at you reflected in what looks like a meteor or comet-shaped image.

Epic are claiming "the same principle applies here to the same result", as they say the defendant continued to play Fortnite even after the alleged cheating. What might be more of a surprise is that the meteors are destructive to both structures and players. We've been waiting for a meteor to finally break through the atmosphere and come crashing down into Tilted Towers, but what if the meteor isn't actually bringing destruction?

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Different theories can arise after seeing this superhero image. Would it be possible for a meteor to crash into someone's fort and take it out?

Players believe this Fortnite event may happen tomorrow, following the discovery of another placard with the words "tomorrow" on it.

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According to PCGamesN, the timing of the superhero image is flawless for the game since the new Avengers movie has been released. The image of the masked hero could even be our first look at one of the new skins that will be coming to the game whenever season 4 kicks off. The idea of a superhero theme sounds incredible and could bring on some interesting challenges for anyone who has a Battle Pass for the next season.

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