Published: Sat, April 07, 2018
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Opposition parties joining hands fearing Modi: Amit Shah

Opposition parties joining hands fearing Modi: Amit Shah

"For BJP, the "Karyakartas" are everything".

The BJP had been treated as an "untouchable" party by others when it was founded in 1980 but it has become strong due to people's faith in it. He added, "We are privileged to receive the blessings of people of all age groups, across all sections of society".

Speaking on the occasion, State Media Secretary Altaf Thakru said the party has more than 4.5 lakh members in Kashmir, adding that it was the party's pro-public and good governance agenda, which had attracted the masses.

BJP leaders were nearly forced out in 1980 and it was a case of political untouchability, he said.

Bharatiya Janata Party president Amit Shah on Friday slammed the opposition's plan of forming a new.

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He said Modi will form the government in 2019.

"In the fear of being swept by the flood named Modi, snakes, mongooses, cats and dogs have come together to fight the elections", the BJP president said. "Like these animals, political parties are coming together against the flood unleashed by Modi-ji".

Attacking Rahul Gandhi, the BJP chief said he has been given an "injection" by (NCP President) Sharad Pawar, so now he is going around asking "what Modi has done in the past four years?" "You fix the stage and we'll be up for debate. The people want to know". "How can he talk about me like that", Mr Siddaramaiah had said. It has one voice, one slogan and one commitment - to make the country a super power. As half of the second leg of the Parliamentary Budget session came to an end today, which was completely washed out in disruptions, BJP MPs protested in Parliament premises against the Congress.

Asked if it is not true that there are considerable apprehensions within the ruling BJP about its prospects in the 2019 polls, Shah said, "There is absolutely no fear among us about our prospects in the 2019 polls".

He took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi and said, " Rahul baba you question our intentions.

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"Regardless of potential or talent, the top party leadership can go to a family only".

Highlighting the NDA's achievements, he said the BJP had provided a "clean, non-corrupt and all-inclusive" governments which the corrupt could not do for decades.

"The BJP bashing has been a part of India's politics - be it Nehruji or Indiraji or leftists". A senior BJP leader, who did not want to be named, said the mega convention had symbolic and contemporary political significance.

He was apparently referring to the efforts being made by various parties like the TRS, the Trinamool Congress and the TDP to sew up a coalition to take on the Modi-led BJP in the next general elections.

The party released a statement saying, "Peace and harmony has been embodied in the soul of this country and the responsibility to uphold it lies with the Congress".

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"During Congress rule, Pakistani terrorist would often kill our people and even beheaded our soldiers, but the government could do nothing".

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