Published: Thu, April 05, 2018
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Spider-Man Collectors Edition, Digital Deluxe, And Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Spider-Man Collectors Edition, Digital Deluxe, And Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Pay extra special attention to the statue though and you'll notice something is obviously missing.

"You get to feel like Spider-Man more than you've ever done before", says Jon Paquette, the game's lead writer.

The upcoming Spider-Man game for PS4 has a new trailer, showing off the game's combat, as well as a word from its developers. Missions, side activities and collectibles, and exclusive talks with the development team will all be part of the issue.

Spider-Man will be launching on PlayStation 4 on September 7. You want to know when Marvel's Spider-Man will finally be in your hands. There are a lot of sidequests to take in the game. Quick time events will also feature in some of the more cinematic moments within the game, which will help to keep you involved as you witness some of the jaw-dropping cutscenes. All of that comes on top of everything from the digital edition, too.

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Spider-Man, which is a PS4 exclusive, now has been in development for the console for a while having first debuted at E3 2016.

Insomniac announced the game back in 2016 at E3 and confirmed that this game is a standalone experience not linked to any of the movies.

So far it looks awesome, but as with their reveal trailer, Insomniac has only used the 4K capable PS4 Pro to show off the footage.

While there have been debates that previous Spiderman games HAVE managed to redeem the webhead with titles like Web of Shadows, this is again highly debatable as those games have a mixed reception amongst critics, fans, and vice versa. Between the Spider-Man acrobatics and the fun with the webs, it looks like there's a host of things Insomniac Games has come up with - including some classic Peter Parker one-liners.

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Insomniac throws you into the game as you explore a hero that has been Spider-Man for eight years and has settled into his role as protector of New York City.

Story wise, the game is mostly sticking to the same Marvel characters and there won't be any original additions for the game.

But he ends up facing his biggest threat yet - in the guise of supervillain Mister Negative and his dragon-mask-wearing henchmen, the Inner Demons. The game is currently an exclusive for the PlayStation 4 system, so Xbox One and PC gamers will just have to wait this one out for now.

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