Published: Wed, April 04, 2018
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Trump administration moves to lower fuel economy standards

Trump administration moves to lower fuel economy standards

The American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will lower fuel economy standards for cars and light trucks built between model years 2022 and 2025.

Responding to reports about Pruitt's shaky footing with the President, EPA spokesman Jahan Wilcox said in a statement, "From advocating to leave the Paris Accord, working to repeal Obama's Clean Power Plan and WOTUS, and cleaning up toxic Superfund sites that have been languishing for decades, Administrator Pruitt is focused on advancing President Trump's agenda of regulatory certainty and environmental stewardship".

"The Obama administration's determination was wrong", said Scott Pruitt referencing to the Obama-era administration's finding in his statement on Monday.

If automakers complied with the rules exclusively by improving the fuel economy of their engines, new cars and light trucks on the road would average more than 50 miles per gallon by 2025 (the charts here break out standards for cars and light trucks separately).

Gloria Rehnquist, vice president, communications and public affairs for the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, said that the resolution was flawless and they support the administration for following a data-driven attempt and a solitary national program as it functions to complete the upcoming standards. Through a Clean Air Act waiver granted by EPA, California can impose stricter standards for vehicle emissions of certain pollutants than federal requirements.

The drafted restrictions, suggested unexpectedly on Friday by Pruitt's office, would raise greenhouse gas standards on imported vehicles as a way to limit the flow of foreign cars entering the United States, as per this source. The EPA could make California play by Washington's rules by revoking its waiver.

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Nichols added that, "California will not weaken its nationally accepted clean vehicle standards, and automakers will continue to meet those higher standards, bringing better gas mileage and less pollution for everyone".

"No one in America is eager to buy a auto that gets worse gas mileage and spews more pollution from its tailpipe", said Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defence Fund.

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced it will ease emissions standards for cars and trucks.

Bergquist said automakers will work with environmentalists, California officials and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to attempt to arrive at a uniform standard. A dozen other states followed California's lead, but automakers want only one national standard.

The State of California also supported the proposal and was integral in developing this national program.

The Administration's national program was meant to improve fuel economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, while saving consumers money at the gas pump and reducing USA oil consumption.

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It could take a couple years for the EPA to propose new rules, gather public comment and finalize any changes. "EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt and the Trump administration are conspiring with the major automakers to loot almost $100 billion from American consumers", he said today.

It said the timeline for shifting to cleaner vehicles laid out under the Obama administration is inappropriate and sets standards too high.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra described the EPA's announcement as an "assault" on fuel economy standards. "But make no mistake, we will continue fighting back to protect these standards and the health of our communities", he further said.

Two administration officials confirmed to the Associated Press that the President called Pruitt on Monday and told him that "we've got your back".

The move to weaken the rules has been expected for over a year.

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