Published: Sat, May 12, 2018
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Android P 9.0 Everything you need to know and supported devices

Android P 9.0 Everything you need to know and supported devices

Google said it will roll out the technology, called Duplex, as an experiment in coming weeks. This feature is not expected to roll out anytime soon, but it is something that Google is working very hard to develop for both business and consumers. Unfortunately, that's all we know about the agreement for now. Say, if you ask the Assistant to adjust your thermostat, it will show you a meter.

2nd LD Writethru: DPRK announces dismantling of nuclear test site
Pyongyang has scheduled the dismantlement of its nuclear test site for sometime between May 23 and 25 depending on the weather. Kim has declared the development of the North's nuclear force complete and that it had no further need for the site.

Now you'll see an array of static app cards. The feature will start rolling out this month. Google took a big step to achieve that goal when it officially integrated its virtual helper into Android 7.0 update.

Northeast Iowa high schools among state's top in US News rankings
A total of 104 bronze medals were awarded in Iowa based on graduation rates and how the schools performed on state assessments. For a school to be eligible, students must also do well on statewide tests and graduate at high rates, according to U.S.

There was also an announcement about Google's cloud-based photo service Google Photos. Google is also unveiling ways to let you issue multiple commands without having to say "Hey Google" each time. With the help of this, we can generate speech which mimics any human voice and sounds much more natural. But the other party in that call that Google Assistant can place for you has not agreed to have his or her voiced interpreted or recorded by a robot. The Assistant has received a wide welcome from users thanks to its ability to handle more tasks. Just point the camera at a building or sign to get more information. Moreover, for that, you don't need to speak the whole order out-loud. Samsung has been developing its own similar feature called Bixby Vision. The feature should be available to everyone by next week. The processor-manufacturing company is doing this by making 3 of its mobile chips equipped to support Android P. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660, Snapdragon 636, and Snapdragon 845 are the ones that completely support Android P and aim to make it simpler for OEMs to use the latest OS version rapidly in handsets operating on these processors. This makes Chrome OS feel more like a tablet-first device, similar to how Apple implemented drag-and-drop sharing on the iPad Pro. The new Android version includes a lot of new features. That's all changed in Android P (try it now). A "shush" mode automatically turns on the "Do Not Disturb" mode when you turn your phone face down on a table. To use the feature, select a time for your phone to enter "Do Not Disturb" mode; the phone's screen will shift into grayscale.

Nintendo Switch Online Will Launch Classic NES Games
This acts as a sort of Netflix for games and will slowly cycle through Nintendo's catalogue of classic games . And although its full launch was delayed several times, Nintendo Switch Online will be with us soon enough.

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