Published: Thu, May 17, 2018
Sci-tech | By Bennie Mills

Comedian Trevor Noah to Host Battlefield 2018 Reveal Event

Comedian Trevor Noah to Host Battlefield 2018 Reveal Event

What do you expect from Battlefield V? Rumors claiming that a new Battlefield game is in the works have popped up here and there in recent months, and now Electronic Arts has confirmed that one is on the way. Electronic Arts acted unfazed by this push in a recent earnings call (via Seeking Alpha) where CEO Andrew Wilson suggests there are no plans to change the company's approach to microtransactions in games like FIFA, Madden, or Battlefield.

Battlefield V has now officially been confirmed by EA with a full reveal scheduled for May 23.

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It also apologised for "this unintentional mistake and is now conducting internal investigations to quickly rectify this mistake". The company said they would be undertaking " rigorous reviews " to ensure that it doesn't happen again.

Although there's no telling exactly what will be shown off during next week's reveal for Battlefield V, it's a safe bet to make that the official unveiling will mostly revolve around a highly polished trailer created to highlight the cleanest-looking visuals developed so far.

Battlefield 1 gave players the definitive World War 1 experience that brought the dawn of all-out war to life. "On the Battlefield V Live Reveal, the team developing the game will share their vision".

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Battlefield V may feature similar monetization models as previous games in the franchise including microtransactions as well as season pass macrotransactions.

We'll find out more on May 23rd, and you can bet your last 25 cents that I'll be giving you my opinion on Battlefield V and its future, after the reveal, as well as after attending EA Play in June. Since that time, we also saw the release of Battlefield Hardline which released in 2015.

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