Published: Thu, May 31, 2018
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Fallout 76 Announced With Teaser Trailer on Mysterious Bethesda Game Studios Stream

Fallout 76 Announced With Teaser Trailer on Mysterious Bethesda Game Studios Stream

What the teaser trailer for Fallout 76 does have though is a pretty catchy song playing on the radio.

"In Vault 76 our future begins".

Finally, the sources say that the game is in development at Bethesda Game Studios HQ in Maryland as well as in the relatively new Austin branch. In Fallout 4, the newsreader in the prologue mentions Vault 76 debuting in 2076 in honor of America's tercentenary when discussing Vault-Tec's plans to expand. While some of the more popular theories were Fallout 5, Fallout Online, and a remaster of Fallout 3, Bethesda seems to have forgotten how to count.

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Put the Bethesda E3 conference in your calendar if you want to see the first Fallout 76 gameplay - June 10, 2018 at 6:30pm PT / 02.30 BST for that.

It sounds like Fallout 76 isn't necessarily a new mainline installment in the franchise, but rather a spinoff set in the Fallout universe - nearly like a Fallout 4.5, which is what we sort of expected.

The vault has been well taken care of with a working vault television to boot letting the residents of Vault 76 know that when the fallout has settled, they will need to rebuild society. Those sources go on to claim that the upcoming Fallout game will differ from existing titles in the franchise, serving as an experimental twist that offers something unprecedented in the series. The studio has now officially revealed the next journey through the wasteland as Fallout 76. The trailer showcases a single Vault-dweller with the numbers "76" written on the back of his jumpsuit. For one, the game's namesake Vault 76 is important to Fallout lore - it's one of the few "control" (baseline) vaults.

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Although no platforms were announced, we can presume an Xbox One, PS4 and PC version of this game will be on the way. Let's see what we know so far. Bethesda Game Studios did suggest the next project would be different and Kotaku's sources have confirmed as much.

This morning's official reveal of Fallout 76 by Bethesda has led to many questions by the fanbase.

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