Published: Fri, May 04, 2018
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Former Volkswagen boss Winterkorn charged over dieselgate role

Former Volkswagen boss Winterkorn charged over dieselgate role

The other three counts concern wire fraud tied to the scheme.

In a statement, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that "these are serious allegations" and that "the full force of the law" applies to this case.

The superseding indictment was issued by a federal grand jury in the Eastern District of MI and charges Winterkorn with four counts of violating federal law.

The ex-chief of the German giant, who resigned immediately after news of the subterfuge broke, has been charged with conspiracy to defraud the USA government and customers, wire fraud, and conspiracy to violate the Clean Air Act. Its 2.0-liter vehicles were equipped with software that could determine whether or not the vehicle was undergoing testing. He is the ninth person charged by the USA government in this scandal.

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Khamenei made the remarks April 30 in a meeting with Iranian workers in Tehran , the official website of the Iranian leader said. Khamenei also addressed the current rivalry with Saudi Arabia, which he accused of being encouraged by the United States.

In total, nine people have been charged and two former VW executives have pleaded guilty in the case and been sentenced to prison terms.

Five other VW execs and managers have been indicted but remain at large.

Winterkorn, 70, is believed to be a resident of Germany.

But authorities in the USA charged Winterkorn with making "false representations to regulators and public" about the emission levels of vehicles coming out of Volkswagen stable, the BBC report said, adding that it was an unprecedented filing against a business leader overseas.

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Educators had to change their tactics after budget approval appeared imminent, association president Joe Thomas said. AEU leaders told the media that they didn't get everything they wanted but promised to keep fighting.

The indictment says Winterkorn was twice informed the company had cheated United States emissions tests - once in May 2014 and again in July 2015 - well before the scandal became public in 2015.

VW management quickly learned of the results of the study and discussed potential consequences flowing from the revelations.

Winterkorn testified in the German parliament that he didn't learn of the problem until shortly before USA investigators announced it in September of 2015. The memo was attached to a cover note authored by another senior executive and was addressed to Winterkorn, prosecutors allege.

Prosecutors say that following the meeting, Winterkorn authorized the company to continue lying to American authorities. The memo predicted that the United States would open an investigation into the discrepancy. The charging and prosecution of CEOs in major corporate scandal or crisis is rare, a precedent set by the United States federal government after the 2007 financial crisis.

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