Published: Sat, May 05, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

It's Trump's move in Iran chess match

It's Trump's move in Iran chess match

"On 11 occasions since, the United Nations nuclear watchdog has confirmed that Iran has implemented all of its obligations", Zarif, who studied in the US, says in American-accented English. It is - assuming the documents are authentic, as the USA has confirmed - a matter of fact that the IAEA chose to ignore when it gave Iran a free pass under political pressure to move to implement the deal.

Several sources familiar with the negotiations said that if Trump pulls out, a question for the Europeans will be whether this would be the start of a much harder US line toward Iran, including military confrontation.

Now, Israel claims that Iran has been developing a secret nuclear weapons' programme In an astonishing intelligence coup, Israel's Mossad stole and published 55,000 documents detailing Tehran's Project Amad.

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Let's not forget that Israel and Iran are enemies. Under the deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), Iran is committed to slashing the number of its centrifuges, which are machines used to enrich uranium.

"If the United States breaks an global agreement backed by UN Security Council resolutions, it will be the United States that should suffer the consequences. Neither Iran nor China nor Russian Federation nor the European states should lose out", Yermakov said. Analysts and family members of dual nationals and others detained in Iran say hard-liners in the Islamic Republic's security agencies use the prisoners as bargaining chips in negotiations with the West.

President Barack Obama did not hide one of the key reasons that he made it a high priority to sign a deal with Iran: his fear that Israel would bomb nuclear research sites in Iran.

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The Iran nuclear deal is on the brink of collapse, yet oil traders continue to underestimate the impact of a fast-approaching supply shock. "Iran accepts the nuclear agreement as it has been prepared and will not accept adding or removing anything", he said. Simply trying to give everyone a binary choice of either doing business with the United States or Iran might be a disaster for Tehran but won't prove much of a win for Washington either.

But midlevel US officials and their European allies have discussed for months demands they might present together to Iran.

In addition, Russia's Foreign Ministry's Department on New Challenges and Threats, Dmitry Feoktistov noted that the United States is trying to present Iran and its Hezbollah militant group as a bigger threat than ISIS terrorists. They also insist Iran has complied with the terms of the agreement since it came into force in January 2016.

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Feoktistov noted that U.S. recently stopped describing ISIS as the main threat, meaning they don't deny that terrorist organization is a threat but they are trying to put this "matter on the back burner".

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