Published: Mon, May 28, 2018
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Joao Sousa on EU General Data Protection Regulation

Joao Sousa on EU General Data Protection Regulation

If found violating any EU GDPR law, the companies will face hefty penalties.

Google officials, speaking on Thursday to 70 media and advertising firms at its New York City office and on a private telecast, described compliance efforts as a work in progress and said the company ould release additional tools to assist publishers in June and August, according to a person with direct knowledge of the discussion. "We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism". The maximum fine for EU GDPR violation is 20 million Euros ($23.4m) or 4 percent of a company's annual global turnover from the year before, whichever is higher.

A Tronc spokeswoman was not immediately available to comment Friday.

As a result of the regulation, several United States news outlets were temporarily unavailable in Europe, reported BBC.

The Los Angeles Times and Chicago Tribune newspapers were among those inaccessible on the other side of the Atlantic following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation ().

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EU GDPR law is European in nature and it is created to protect European citizens' privacy exclusively. These principles should lie at the heart of your approach to processing personal data.

The new European privacy laws, which came into effect on Friday, have caused a flurry of activity from Europe-based organisations which now have to comply with a strict set of regulations on how they manage data on their customers.

Through its new rules and standards, the GDPR encourages organizations to rethink existing data management policies and invest in state-of-the-art security for data protection.

News organizations were not alone in erecting barriers for European users.

GDPR protects the privacy not only of European Union citizens worldwide but also of anyone who is party to a transaction while in the EU. There are those who are leaning towards the latter since the GDPR and blockchain do share a common goal as the legislation aims to strengthen the rights of individuals in the digital realm and give them more control over their information. It is common for websites to use tracking software to gather information about visitors in order to better target ads.

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Webb said news organizations could find it especially hard to comply because of the need for consent in organizing feeds and promoting content.

In the long term, Kent said companies will need to shift their thinking and have more personal conversations that serve the needs of travelers.

Social media applications and website like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Google have been filed with objections with in just a few hours of the latest General Data Protection Regulation law taking outcome.

At a time when several technology companies have come under the scanner for misuse of personal data of users, the new European Union legislation, passed in April 2016, is seen as an attempt by the lawmakers to restrict the powers of the technology companies.

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