Published: Tue, May 15, 2018
Sports | By Brandy Patterson

Nuggets hoping for a lot of luck at National Basketball Association draft lottery

Nuggets hoping for a lot of luck at National Basketball Association draft lottery

And, of course, not every team will get to keep its own pick because of previous trades, so we've detailed all that movement as well.

The 2018 NBA Draft Lottery will be held on May 15. That trio of picks could bring on added significance this year with the 76ers/Celtics scenario: If Los Angeles' name isn't called early on, then we know its pick has moved to the top three.

Each team's odds at landing the top pick are based on each team's regular-season record.

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Anyway, since the Kings are bad and tanking next season would accomplish nothing, they desperately need to strike gold in this year's draft.

Lately, teams have taken to bringing good luck totems and other various things, or even sending certain people as representatives in an odd effort to influence a drawing that has already taken place. The team will have an 8.4 percent chance of receiving the seventh pick and a 0.4 percent chance of receiving the eighth pick. Down 1-0 to the Celtics, they absolutely can not lose Game 2 tonight.

Gilbert, now 21, has represented the Cavaliers at the NBA's Draft Lottery a few times, and will handle the honors again on Tuesday night in Chicago.

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The Los Angeles Clippers have two picks in this year's lottery. The Cavaliers have had absolutely absurd lottery luck in recent years, and moving up would mean that they'd have an asset to help them trade for a star in order to convince LeBron James to stay ... or a young player that can help them build something new in the post-LeBron years.

More likely outcomes are that the Magic will obtain the fifth pick (a 26.2 percent chance) or the sixth pick (a 35.9 percent chance). 2 or 3, it will go to the Boston Celtics.

None of those trinkets worked - at least not well enough to help the Magic land a superstar.

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