Published: Mon, May 07, 2018
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SNL's Trump Just Can't Quit the Real Stormy Daniels

SNL's Trump Just Can't Quit the Real Stormy Daniels

The former NY mayor and onetime prosecutor was asked on ABC's "This Week" whether Trump would comply with a subpoena if Mueller were to issue one.

During a live interview on Fox News on Wednesday, Giuliani said the president reimbursed Cohen for the "so-called hush" payment of $130,000 he paid Daniels just 11 days before the 2016 election.

"It's an absolute unmitigated catastrophe for Rudy Giuliani and the president", stated Stormy Daniels' legal professional, Michael Avenatti, in an interview with ABC Information Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on "This Week" Sunday.

'I would love to speak because we've done nothing wrong, ' he said.

Mr Giuliani also suggested that the president wouldn't necessarily comply with a subpoena from Mueller, whose investigation has been repeatedly labeled a "witch hunt" by the president.

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The memo was attached to a cover note authored by another senior executive and was addressed to Winterkorn, prosecutors allege. VW management quickly learned of the results of the study and discussed potential consequences flowing from the revelations.

"Why wouldn't you say, "Go in, talk to Robert Mueller, tell the truth"?"

Giuliani said he had "no knowledge of that", but "I would think if it was necessary, yes". "I'm going to walk him into a prosecution for perjury like Martha Stewart?"

Kellyanne Conway, a counselor to the president, said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that Trump meant that he didn't know about the payment at the time it was made, not at the time the question was asked.

"The Hillary Clinton treatment is what I'm looking for".

When Giuliani was asked if he was confident that Trump, should he appear before Mueller, would not invoke his constitutional right under the Fifth Amendment to remain silent, Giuliani responded, "How could I ever be confident of that?". He told the New York Times later that Trump reimbursed Cohen a total of $460,000 or $470,000 after the campaign was over, which he said included "incidental expenses".

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It takes aim at a plan by the Environmental Protection Agency to scrap standards for vehicles manufactured between 2022 and 2025. The report finds that EPA's basis for withdrawing the standards is not grounded in fact or in economic analysis.

Trump's campaign and presidency have been marked by his regular assertion of demonstrably untrue statements as fact.

The cameo gave her the opportunity to tell Trump in a roundabout way what it would take to settle her dispute, which is a question many have asked while watching the suit unfold (answer: "a resignation), as well as to provide timely puns like, "I know you don't believe in climate change, but a storm's a-comin' baby". The adult film actress, who is now suing Trump and Cohen over an NDA regarding an alleged affair with the then-real estate mogul as well as defamation, has been a central figure in numerous latest national headlines, as her allegations against the POTUS and Cohen have ripple effects in the justice system.

Avenatti has said his team has been approached by multiple other women about Trump and he believed evidence would emerge of similar payments.

Giuliani called the $130,000 Cohen paid to Daniels in 2016 a "nuisance payment". "I can prove it's rumour, but I can't prove it's fact. Yet".

Daniels, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, responded by demanding Trump resign. "It may have involved the campaign".

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