Published: Fri, May 18, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Trump White House Kills Off Yanny-Laurel Debate With 'Ridiculous' Clip

Trump White House Kills Off Yanny-Laurel Debate With 'Ridiculous' Clip

Those who hear primarily in the lower frequency hear "laurel".

In the light-hearted video, staffers are asked if they hear "Laurel" in the audio clip, or if they hear "Yanny".

SEE ALSO: What do you hear: Yanny or Laurel? Which word or name do you hear, and how far do you have to move the slider to hear the other?

"More: 'Laurel" or "yanny"?

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There are actual reasons why an individual might hear either word. Sarah Huckerbee Sanders implies the answer is probably whatever CNN says it isn't.

Poppy Crum, chief scientist at Dolby Labs in San Francisco, said the environment in which one listens, including whether headphones or a speaker are used, affects the intensity of the frequencies, and hence what one hears.

My immediate assumption was that our station sound processing had affected how I was hearing the audio.

The age of your ears will also affect what you hear, the sounds of "Yanny play at a higher frequency than those of "Laurel". Check it out here and find out what you hear here.

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"It's Laurel", Conway said, "but I could deflect and defer to Yanny if you need me to".

Interestingly, one Twitter user shared the recordings with the pitch turned both down and up.

What made it viral is that while some people thought it's obviously Laurel, the rest were convinced that the robot voice was saying Yanny.

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