Published: Thu, June 28, 2018
Money | By Michele Stevens

OPEC Agrees to Pump 1 Million Barrels a Day

OPEC Agrees to Pump 1 Million Barrels a Day

The pressure on Saudi Arabia, the de facto leader of OPEC, to be seen as doing something to tackle rising oil prices was clear, going into the meeting on Friday.

As per the new deal, the OPEC will increase about 1 million bpd of oil into the markets, although most of the member countries are now not in a position to ramp up their output immediately.

Stating that current high oil prices dent the economic development of many countries, he had stated that already fragile world economic growth will be at threat if oil prices persist at these levels.

The most dramatic events in the oil market last week occurred in North America as opposed to OPEC's get-together in Europe, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc. However, the market had anticipated a higher rise in supply from the cartel.

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He said since he took over the leadership of the organisation in August 2016, the membership had grown from 13 to 16 as result of unrelenting negotiations.

During the previous sanctions regime, some Asian countries received waivers enabling them to buy Iranian crude.

Meanwhile, the biggest USA shale region will have to shut wells within four months because there aren't enough pipelines to get the oil to customers, according to Scott Sheffield, the chairman of Pioneer Natural Resources Co. We are trying to institutionalise this cooperation because we all agree that we are better together.

"We are now developing that framework".

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"After Friday's ambiguous OPEC meeting outcome, Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation sought to reassert control of the narrative", said Helima Croft, chief commodities strategist at RBC Capital Markets LLC in NY, adding it would send a strong supply signal to the market.

"Without the shale revolution in the United States bringing in now over five million barrels per day, the world would have faced probably one of the worst energy crisis".

"In a meeting in Houston, we agreed that we belong to the same boat and the Berlin Wall between us, we all agreed served nobody any good". The Conference congratulated the Secretariat for the success of the 7th Opec International Seminar held on Thursday under the title: "Global Economy and the Future of Oil".

Largely because of unplanned disruptions in places like Venezuela and Angola, the group's output has been below the targeted cuts, which it now says will be reversed by supply increases, especially from OPEC leader Saudi Arabia. "We also need to move to transparent and flexible markets for both oil and gas", he had said.

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But the figure agreed upon should be "sufficient" for the time being, Novak said.

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