Published: Fri, July 27, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Cairo zoo accused of painting donkeys like zebras

Cairo zoo accused of painting donkeys like zebras

Mahmoud Sarhan, 18, exposed the trick when he posted this photo online.

But Cairo's International Garden municipal park denies tampering with the beasts, according to the BBC. "They are so stupid they forgot to paint another layer and so it smudged on the donkey's face".

"I know the shape of a donkey and I know the shape of zebras, so it was easy to know".

Zoo Unbelievably Gets Caught Out For Painting A Donkey To Look Like A Zebra

After reviewing the images, a leader with the animal activist group PETA disagreed that this animal was well taken care of.

We'll tell you in short form - it's a fucking painted donkey.

Yes Alex, my friend - it's a farmyard animal.

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The picture shows a suspicious-looking animal, with a lighter snout and longer ears than a typical zebra's.

ABC News has been unable to reach the International Garden administration for comment but Mahmoud Sultan, director of Cairo's Gardens Projects, the government body regulating the zoo in question, has told local media the zebra is real.

The pictures quickly went viral and animal experts rushed in to point out that the animal looked nothing like a zebra.

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I mean, c'mon now. It's common sense really isn't it, deny all knowledge of it ever happening.

However, a veterinary contacted local news outlet to confirm that the zoo's animals were not zebras. Well this isn't awks.

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