Published: Wed, July 11, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Four Boys Brought Out From Thai Cave as Rescue Efforts Continue

Four Boys Brought Out From Thai Cave as Rescue Efforts Continue

MAE SAI, Thailand- Expert divers Sunday rescued four of 12 boys from a flooded cave in northern Thailand where they were trapped with their soccer coach for more than two weeks, as a risky and complicated plan unfolded amid heavy rain and the threat of rising water underground.

Expert climbers, divers and Thai Navy Seals have mulled contingencies ranging from drilling an escape route through the mountain to waiting out the monsoon inside the cave.

On Sunday, Musk tweeted a series of videos showing a team of divers testing the pod in the swimming pool at Palisades Charter High School. To get a sense of the overwhelming global interest in the effort, the post attracted tens of thousands of likes and more than 10,000 comments within an hour.

The boys and their coach, whose team is known as the Wild Boars, became stranded when they were exploring the cave after a practice game on June 23.

Four schoolboys were rescued yesterday from the flooded cave where they had been trapped for 15 days with eight football teammates and their coach, marking a breakthrough in a remarkable operation watched by the world.

Four of the boys were rescued on Sunday, and authorities said the next phase could begin any time within a 10-hour window that began about 7 a.m. Monday.

You can find live updates about the effort here and here.

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Precautions are being taken to keep the boys from spreading infections they might have developed.

The local government said in a statement later on Sunday that 10 worldwide divers had progressed into the cave and some had reached the point where the team is.

"This mission was successful because we had power".

While the four boys who were rescued were found to be in good health, nine other people remain trapped inside, and the rain, which could last days, could not just delay, but set back the rescue operation.

One of the boys, identified as Tun, wrote: "Mom and Dad, please don't worry, I am fine".

Narongsak said the operation was going "better than expected".

Narongsak said Sunday two divers would escort each of the boys out of the cave.

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"There are two obstacles, which are water and time", Narongsak said.

As of last night, even the parents of the boys had not been told who had been rescued, one mother told our reporter Michael Safi. They say rescuing the eight remaining boys and their soccer coach could take up to four days.

It was initially thought the first four boys to make the journey would be those in the most resilient physical shape. "I promise to take the very best care of the kids", he said in a note given to divers on Friday. "I confirm that we are at war with water and time from the first day up to today", he said Saturday.

Authorities have been rushing to extract the boys, ages 11-16, and their coach from the cave as the annual monsoon bears down on the mountainous region in far northern Chiang Rai province.

Meanwhile rescuers fed a kilometres-long air pipe into the cave to restore oxygen levels in the chamber where the team was sheltering with medics and divers.

"To all the parents, all the kids are still fine".

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