Published: Thu, July 26, 2018
Sci-tech | By Bennie Mills

GET READY: Dundee to experience longest lunar eclipse of the century

GET READY: Dundee to experience longest lunar eclipse of the century

As this happens, some part of the Moon will not be visible to stargazers, resulting in a partial lunar eclipse.

The total phase of the eclipse will last a generous one hour and 43 minutes.

The totality of this lunar eclipse will last about an hour and 43 minutes, but a partial eclipse before and after the total phase will each last an hour and six minutes - which means the moon will spend almost four hours crossing the Earth's shadow. However, since the Earth's atmosphere scatters shorter wavelength light (colors like green or blue), only the longer wavelengths, or the redder-end of the spectrum, reach the surface of the moon, causing it to appear reddish-brown.

The next rendezvous between the Sun and the Moon will then take place on January 21, 2019 for a total eclipse that will be visible in North America.

Total lunar eclipse. Image by author
Image by author captured Oct. 7 2014 Jackson MI

Robin Scagell, vice-president of the Society for Popular Astronomy, said: "A total lunar eclipse, Mars, Jupiter and the International Space Station".

In Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane the moon will begin to turn red at around 4.24am Australian Eastern Standard Time on Saturday.

All of this is easily visible with the naked eye.

But Friday's lunar eclipse has reignited Evangelical interest in a possible link between the event, the Jewish state, and the apocalypse.

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Although the longest eclipse, Dr Sarun said the red moon will be smaller than usual because it will be at the farthest point from the Earth this year - at 406,086 kilometre from the Earth. It will be Mars's closest approach to our planet in over a decade so the planet will appear bigger in the sky.

And keep in mind to try and catch the event as soon as you can because the moon will only be in a state of total eclipse until 11.15 pm when it will start to emerge and regain its normal appearance.

Dundonians will be well placed later this week to have a grandstand view of the longest lunar eclipse, or blood moon, of the century.

A total eclipse will start at 1:00 am (July 28). Half an hour later, the moon will be at the midpoint of the eclipse and it will turn red.

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On the US East Coast, the eclipse live stream will go live at 2.30pm ET or 11.30am on the West Coast.

A lunar eclipse usually lasts for a few hours.

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