Published: Thu, July 05, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Justice Department reverses Obama guidelines on race in school admissions

Justice Department reverses Obama guidelines on race in school admissions

"This most recent decision by the Department of Education is wholly consistent with the administration's unwavering hostility towards diversity in our schools".

Pro-affirmative action groups spoke out against the policy's revocation.

"The Administration's rollback of vital affirmative action guidance offends our nation's values and promise of opportunity for all", said Nancy Pelosi, the U.S. House of Representatives' Democratic leader. However it did not ban affirmative action.

In June, a special report by ProPublica found that Trump's Department of Education had dropped more than 1,200 civil rights investigations opened under the Obama administration.

The Obama and Trump administrations fundamentally disagree on how to interpret Supreme Court precedents and the value of diversity and whether it should be encouraged through race-conscious policies or if it is a sign of intentional racial discrimination, she said.

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But the policy shift enacted by the Trump administration and the retirement of key swing vote Justice Anthony Kennedy at the end of this month - with his replacement likely far more conservative - spell trouble for affirmative action. Others are seeking to draw more women into science and engineering programs, or more men into humanities.

Clegg, however, says when skin color and national origin are factors in deciding where a student can attend school - a policy based on discrimination is, in fact, in effect.

"When issuing regulations, federal agencies must abide by constitutional principles and follow the rules set forth by Congress and the President", Mr. Sessions said in a statement. Affirmative action, a heated issue, has been revisited by the U.S. Supreme Court several times since since the 1970s. "It isn't shocking that guidance would be withdrawn", he said.

The reversal doesn't change current US law on affirmative action and doesn't affect how schools choose to operate within the confines of current Supreme Court precedent, but changes guidelines to more closely resemble a Bush-era document encouraging "race-neutral" methods of admitting students to elementary and secondary schools.

Revoking the Obama-era guidance on affirmative action could affect elementary and secondary schools that have grappled with racial imbalances.

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"As the Supreme Court has recognized", one of the documents states, "diversity has benefits for all students, and today's students must be prepared to succeed in a diverse society and an increasingly global workforce".

The 2011 guidance sought to help school districts thread the needle when using race or other factors in enrollment policies.

Schools could also lose funding from the Education Department if they don't practice race-blind admission processes.

Rachel Kleinman, senior counsel at the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, said withdrawing the guidance could deter districts from implementing policies to increase diversity. He said they were instead hewing the department closer to the letter of the law.

Kleinman said she feared the action "might chill school districts from doing anything at all". These guidances were not talking about court-ordered desegregation or something like that.

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