Published: Tue, August 07, 2018
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At Least 70 Shot, 11 Dead in Violent Chicago Weekend

At Least 70 Shot, 11 Dead in Violent Chicago Weekend

Police say gang violence is mostly to blame, with shooters taking advantage of large gatherings in the summer weather to inflict the most casualties. The victims range in age from 14-years-old to 35 years-old. A teenage boy was fatally shot riding a bike Sunday afternoon. In addition to a string of shootings, a local teen died at the Lollapalooza music festival, which was held in the city over the weekend.

In three hours beginning at 1.30am, Chicago police records showed 30 people were shot and two killed in 10 incidents. The violence has spilled over into Monday morning, including a murder that happened just after midnight in the Roseland neighborhood not far from Chicago State University.

"What we saw this weekend, it just it rips at everything that I believe in because I know, as a city and as a neighborhood. we can do better", Johnson said.

"Chicago murders are [a] direct result of one-party Democratic rule for decades", Giuliani also tweeted.

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Giuliani has been tweeting constantly about Chicago - a city that serves as Republicans' go-to talking point for their "black-on-black crime" narrative, as well as proof that gun control doesn't work - to help Garry McCarthy's mayoral run against Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Ford said, in the area he represents, "The government allows drugs and gangs to dominate those communities where senior citizens and children are hostages". Giuliani falsely stated that there were "63 murders" in Chicago this weekend, despite the reports that 63 were wounded and 11 killed.

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson planned a 11 a.m. Monday news conference to discuss the violence.

Former educator Troy LaRaviere says employment, economic investment and education are all part of the solution, but he says there's a deeper systemic problem, that the south and west sides of the city aren't simply being neglected. But he said gang members and others arrested on gun charges aren't dealt with harshly enough. We know who they are and we continue to send a message that it's OK to commit these crimes by not doing anything as a community.

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He said what needs to be changes is "the culture that condones rather than condemns".

The violence peaked early Sunday with several shootings, including one in a courtyard on the city's South Side that injured eight people. "Tens of thousands of lives saved".

"New York and L.A., who have seen a dramatic and consistent decline in crime, have clearance rates in the 60s and 70 percents, we have clearance rates in the teens; think about that: we have clearance on shootings of four percent", Vallas said.

Nevertheless, Chicago's official murder count, at 310 killings before the weekend, was the highest in the country and far eclipsed those of America's two largest cities - NY and Los Angeles.

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