Published: Thu, August 02, 2018
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Trump blasts Koch brothers as 'a total joke'

Trump blasts Koch brothers as 'a total joke'

In remarks to reporters Sunday, Charles Koch - now exclusively at the helm after the retirement of his ailing brother David earlier this year - stopped short of blaming Trump personally for the political divisions.

The Koch network said on Monday it would not support congressman Kevin Cramer in his attempt to unseat the Democrat Heidi Heitkamp, in North Dakota, a state that voted heavily for Trump in 2016.

President Trump blasted the conservative mega-donor Koch brothers on Tuesday as a "total joke" and promised supporters he would be "a puppet for no one", amid rising tensions over trade and other administration policies.

The Koch-backed network also said it would not support the Republican challenger to Democratic US Senator Heidi Heitkamp, who is facing re-election, according to the Washington Post.

California wildfire spreads, killing six and destroying more homes
The latest tally showed at least 657 homes destroyed and another 145 damaged, with the fire having consumed 386 square kilometres. The blaze has destroyed at least 536 structures, damaged another 117 and was threatening almost 5,000 others, officials said.

Most Republican senators tread carefully Tuesday since they are eager to win support both from Trump and from Koch-aligned donors - a balancing act that could be hard as tensions flare.

The midterm strategy could change in the coming weeks, but the Kochs now plan to ignore North Dakota's high-profile Senate contest, where three-term Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer is trying to unseat Democratic Sen. And to be clear, we've met with his team, explained this, and lobbied him on this to change their ways.

Early morning Twitter attacks by the President of the United States on those who criticize him, have become commonplace these days. Two nice guys with bad ideas. But he embraced Trump's moves during the first year of his presidency, including the $1.5 trillion tax package Trump signed into law late last year that instituted a 40% permanent tax cut for corporations.

Asked if Democrats were to retake control of the House, he said, "I don't care what initials are in front, or after, somebody's name...."

Giuliani says he's not sure collusion is a crime
Giuliani said Cohen has claimed those present when Trump was informed about the meeting included Trump Jr., Kushner and others. Though the recording is muddled, Trump appears to ask if they should pay "in cash" and Cohen responds "no, no, no".

His tweets come after a spokesman for the brothers' network accused the White House of stoking divisiveness. She faces Republican U.S. Representative Kevin Cramer, who Trump endorsed on Friday.

In a separate tweet, Trump argued that he "made them richer" and that the Koch network "is highly overrated".

Koch, 82, has been at the helm of his family's political organization since his younger brother, David, announced in June that he would be retiring from Koch Industries and politics for health reasons.

On Sunday, Charles Koch vowed to reporters that his network would "hold people responsible" for not defending his network's libertarian principles and policy priorities. "I'm into hating the sin, not the sinner".

Colombian Drug Cartel Puts Bounty On Police’s Narcotics Dog
The anti-narcotic police tweeted that "in the last three years she ( Sombra ) became a torment of " Otoniel ". Colombia's cocaine accounted for about 92 percent of cocaine stashes seized in the United States that year.

"I think what is important for the media and American public to know is Charles and David never wanted to be Republicans".

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