Published: Fri, August 03, 2018
World | By Camille Rivera

Trump Pumps the Brakes on Obama-Era Fuel Standards - Hit & Run

Trump Pumps the Brakes on Obama-Era Fuel Standards - Hit & Run

Hawaii is joining at least 19 other states threatening to sue over a Trump administration proposal to roll back Obama-era vehicle emission standards.

The US government on Thursday proposed weakening fuel efficiency requirements for cars and trucks, referred to as the clean vehicle rule. Meanwhile, California's strict fuel economy and emissions standards have caused financial losses for carmakers, which must raise prices on cars elsewhere to make up for the loss, the proposal states.

Acting EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says the proposal would make cars more affordable and save lives.

Deputy Administrator of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration Heidi King said the average vehicle on the road in the 12 years old and that the proposed rule would mean fewer accidents and injuries.

North Korea Is Continuing to Produce ICBMs — US Intelligence
North Korea has carried out a total of six nuclear tests, the most recent of which took place in September previous year . Indonesia guarantees the security of all countries' representatives and contingents, including those of North Korea.

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said the rollback would imperil the state's efforts to curb greenhouse gases and clean up some of the nation's most polluted air.

The Department of Transportation and the Environmental Protection Agency issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking Thursday that officially calls for leaving fuel economy standards alone rather than increasing them as decided under the Obama Administration.

But consumer groups and experts said the messaging around the proposal is deceptive, completely ignoring the cost savings on gas in more efficient cars - especially if gas prices increase.

General Motors said in a statement that it wants to work "with all parties to achieve one national 50-state program", adding that it was committed to "continually improving fuel economy and our commitment to an all-electric future".

Trump blasts Koch brothers as 'a total joke'
In a separate tweet, Trump argued that he "made them richer " and that the Koch network "is highly overrated". And to be clear, we've met with his team, explained this, and lobbied him on this to change their ways.

The administration also contends that hiking US oil consumption by 2 to 3 percent over forecast levels would have a minimal impact on the environment, boosting global average temperature by just "3/1000th of a degree Celsius by 2100".

Just as significant, the administration is taking public comment on revoking California's Clean Air Act waiver for greenhouse gases.

Automakers, represented by the Auto Alliance and Global Automakers, said they support "substantive negotiations" about fuel efficiency standards. "Not only does fuel savings cover the cost of fuel efficient technology, but it also covers all of the other costs that go into automakers annual price increases, including new safety features".

The Trump administration proposal could also invalidate California's mandate that automakers sell a certain number of electric vehicles. They are gearing up for a legal and political battle, particularly over the California waiver. Most involved in the 2012 rules agreed the goals were achievable, he said.

Pres. Trump blasts past administrations for Paul Manafort probe
With electronic devices barred, those in the crowded federal courtroom didn't even see the tweets until a brief lunch break. Between 2010 and 2012, Manafort spent $334,000 at the shop, which bills itself as "the world's most expensive store".

The Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, a main industry group, sought to stave off any dispute between California and the federal government that could split the USA auto market: "We urge California and the federal government to find a common sense solution that sets continued increases in vehicle efficiency standards while also meeting the needs of American drivers". California received the exemption - the only state to do so - decades ago because it was already developing its own standards when federal rules were being written.

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