Published: Wed, August 22, 2018
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US imposes fresh sanctions for Russian cyber-related activity

US imposes fresh sanctions for Russian cyber-related activity

Britain on Tuesday will call for the European Union to increase sanctions against Russian Federation, saying the bloc had to stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the United States, which hit Moscow with new economic curbs this month. Mr. Trump made the comments in an interview with Reuters.

"I think the institutions of government are responding quite well to the Russian threat, not withstanding all this weird signaling and freaky behavior from the president", he said.

"The chilling effect on the Russian economy... has been significant and measurable", the official said, telling committee members that 217 Russian individuals and entities have been hit by American sanctions so far.

"Only by working together can like-minded, free, democratic states like the United Kingdom and the U.S. maintain our collective economic and diplomatic strength, fundamental to ensuring that our values and freedoms are defended for decades more to come", Hunt will say, according to the excerpts.

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Trump has ratcheted up the personal attacks on Twitter, calling Manigault Newman a "lowlife", "wacky and deranged' and a " dog ". She has known Trump since 2003, when she became a contestant on Trump's TV show, " The Apprentice ". "He hated him.

And in an interview Monday with the Reuters news agency, Trump said he would consider lifting sanctions against Russian Federation in exchange for cooperation in Syria or Ukraine. Hunt is right on Russian Federation.

Hunt, who took over from Boris Johnson as Britain's foreign minister in July, will meet U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and other U.S. officials on Wednesday, and address the United Nations Security Council on Thursday.

Britain, the European Union, and the United States have blamed Russia for an attack with the Novichok chemical agent that sickened former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury, England, in March.

The sanctions seek to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear program.

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Mr Trump tweeted , referencing the indiscriminate and damaging allegations made by senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s to expose communists.

But the officials faced questions from sceptical lawmakers about the administration's policy toward Russian Federation, particularly since Trump has sent conflicting messages about it. As an example, the Russians are still undertaking another influence campaign to interfere in the 2018 midterm Congressional elections.

"Today the United Kingdom asks its allies to go further by calling on the European Union to ensure its sanctions against Russian Federation are comprehensive, and that we truly stand shoulder to shoulder with the U.S.", Hunt will tell an audience in Washington in his first major speech since his appointment in July. In Washington, he has said that the European Union should stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the United States on a joint approach.

He said Russia's offer of talks still stood however.

Both officials said the administration has the sanctions authorities it needs and favors a "continuation" of the current strategy.

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