Published: Mon, August 13, 2018
Sci-tech | By Bennie Mills

Will clouds obscure your view of the Perseid meteor shower?

Will clouds obscure your view of the Perseid meteor shower?

This year's Perseid meteor shower promises to be one of the best for stargazers as a new Moon bringing darker skies. Monday is the final evening of the peak nights for viewing the annual Perseid shower.

The Perseids are actually visible from July 17 to August 24, although it peaks Sunday into Monday morning.

Known as the "fiery tears of Saint Lawrence", the celestial showcase takes place when the Earth ploughs through the galactic debris left discarded by the passing of the Swift-Tuttle Comet.

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And experts believe it may be the best meteor shower of 2018.

As you can see from the video, green lights shoot across a star-filled sky in a truly awe-inspiring display.

Our atmosphere then burns up the ice and dust in the debris creating a meteor shower.

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The meteors appear to radiate from the constellation Perseus in the sky and hence the name Perseids. Others are brighter and can appear to sail across our sky for several seconds, leaving a glowing smoke trail.

Cooke went on to describe how viewers can expect to see a meteor every minute or so, which is about standard for the Perseids shower. No special equipment is needed, but if you want the best view, it helps to be as far from artificial light as possible.

And don't forget to grab your camera before you head out. "This cloud is the outgassing remnant from the comet and causes this meteor shower", explains Dr Tobias Hinse, a top exoplanetary scientist based at Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute (KASI), South Korea. NASA will also be streaming a view of the sky from the NASA Meteor Watch Facebook Page.

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